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It is dedicated to support, education, and communication for thyroid cancer survivors, their families and friends. They sponsor Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month, year-round awareness activities, and thyroid cancer research fund raising and research grants.

A selection of awards recently earned by Dana-Farber and our staff

Your Disease Risk Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Washington University School of Medicine maintain this interactive tool that allows users to estimate risk for 12 different cancer types and offers personalized tips on how to best prevent these cancers. Utah A resource hosted by the University of Utah containing educational resources basic genetics, genetic disorders, precision medicine, and gene therapy.

Genetics Home Reference Contains information regarding genetic influence of cancer and other diseases. American Cancer Society The ACS site has information for both healthcare professionals and patients that includes disease overviews, treatment options, prevention and coping strategies, and news. American Society of Clinical Oncology ASCO membership is comprised of clinical oncologists from all oncology disciplines and sub-specialties.

The web site has information for practice guidelines, policy statements, career development, and news. Association of Community Cancer Centers The ACCC helps oncology professionals adapt to the complex challenges of program management, cuts in reimbursement, hospital consolidation and mergers, and legislation and regulations that threaten to compromise the delivery of quality cancer care.

The website maintains a valuable list of links for clinicians and patients. European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer EORTC The aims of EORTC are to develop, conduct, coordinate, and stimulate translational and clinical research in Europe to improve the management of cancer and related problems by increasing survival but also patient quality of life. Through translational and clinical research, EORTC offers an integrated approach to drug development, drug evaluation programs and medical practices.

IARC is involved in both epidemiological and laboratory research and disseminates scientific information through publications, meetings, courses, and fellowships. NCI coordinates the National Cancer Program, which conducts and supports research, training, and health information dissemination. NCI Research Resources This page has over key resources for categories such as family registries, genomics, scientific computing and specimen resources. Oncolink OncoLink was founded in by University of Pennsylvania cancer specialists with a mission to help cancer patients, families, health care professionals and the general public get accurate cancer-related information at no charge.

OncoLink contains comprehensive information about specific types of cancer, updates on cancer treatments and news about research advances. Oncology Nursing Society The Oncology Nursing Society ONS is a professional organization of more than 32, registered nurses and other healthcare providers dedicated to excellence in patient care, education, research, and administration in oncology nursing. Society of Surgical Oncology The Society of Surgical Oncology is a professional association for surgical oncologists and non-physician healthcare providers involved in oncologic patient care.

The site has links to career information, educational opportunities, and research resources. Society of Gynecologic Oncology The Society of Gynecologic Oncology SGO is the premier medical specialty society for health care professionals trained in the comprehensive management of gynecologic cancers. Union for International Cancer Control UICC The world's largest independent, non-profit, non-governmental association of cancer-fighting organizations, UICC brings together a wide range of organizations, including voluntary cancer societies, research and treatment centres, public health authorities, patient support networks and advocacy groups.

Boyd, and in , the company founded The Clinical Cancer Letter, a monthly newsletter on cancer clinical trials. The mission of The Cancer Letter Inc. Company policy doesn't allow the editors to hold individual stock positions in healthcare, pharmaceutical, or biotechnology companies.

Cancer Awareness Months. American Society of Clinical Oncology Practice Guidelines Guidelines can address specific clinical situations disease-oriented or use of approved medical products, procedures, or tests modality-oriented. Using the best available evidence, ASCO's expert panels identify and develop practice recommendations for specific areas of cancer care that would benefit from the availability of practice guidelines.

Each CPG includes information on the incidence of the malignancy, diagnostic criteria, staging of disease and risk assessment, treatment plans and follow-up. Over the past 15 years, NCCN has developed an integrated suite of tools to improve the quality of cancer care. The NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines document evidence-based, consensus-driven management to ensure that all patients receive preventive, diagnostic, treatment, and supportive services that are most likely to lead to optimal outcomes. Creation of a free personal account is required to access some of the information.

Global Cancer Observatory Global Cancer Observatory GCO is an interactive web-based platform presenting global cancer statistics to inform cancer control and cancer research. The platform focuses on the visualization of cancer indicators to illustrate the changing scale, epidemiological profile, and impact of the disease worldwide, using data from several key projects. Some 70 percent of all newly diagnosed cases of cancer in the United States are captured at the institutional level and reported to the NCDB. The data is used to explore trends in cancer care, to create regional and state benchmarks for participating hospitals, and to serve as the basis for quality improvement.

National Cancer Institute Statistics Content includes resources for understanding definitions and calculations, links to NCI reports and data, plus tools for researchers. National Center for Health Statistics: Cancer This page, from a CDC agency, has links to a variety of government reports containing cancer information, usually within the context of a wider subject area. Note: When searching full-text of the reports, the term "neoplasms" often brings more results than using the term "cancer". National Program of Cancer Registries NPCR This Centers for Disease Control site contains data collected by local cancer registries that enable public health professionals to understand and address the cancer burden more effectively.

American Cancer Society: Complementary and Alternative Methods and Cancer Organized as an FAQ, the site explains terms used to describe many kinds of products, practices, and systems that are not part of mainstream medicine. The project's main achievement will be to prepare and disseminate suitable evidence based information for health professionals in order to help them to inform their patients.

This resource is produced by the National Library of Medicine and brings trusted information about diseases, conditions, and wellness issues. MedlinePlus offers a section devoted to Complementary and Integrative Medicine. Sloan Kettering: About Herbs, Botanicals, and Other Products This site provides objective information for oncologists and healthcare professionals, including a clinical summary for each agent and details about constituents, adverse effects, interactions, and potential benefits or problems. Evaluations of alternative or unproved cancer therapies, as well as products for sexual dysfunction are included.

In addition, a web app version for all other mobile devices is also available. CenterWatch Access oncology trial results for drug therapies in completed or ongoing clinical trials. It can be searched by active ingredient, proprietary name, or application holder. NCI Drug Dictionary The site contains technical definitions and synonyms for more than agents that are being used in the treatment of patients with cancer or cancer-related conditions. RxList This commercial site can be searched by drug name, pill identifier, and supplements, and symptom checker; you can also access a drug medical dictionary.

Resources include monographs for healthcare professionals; drug regimens by disease site and for supportive care and symptom control; plus ancillary information. Not all links are specific to cancer or oncology. The resources referenced here are intended to provide general information for you. Comments and suggestions should be sent to the section web editor for review by the selection committee. All Rights Reserved. All material, files, logos and trademarks within this site are copyright their respective organizations. Contact Us Donate Advertise. Login Request Login.

Toggle navigation. Geoffrey R. Oxnard, MD , and Barbara J. The honor is presented to individuals that have significantly advanced precision medicine in oncology to bring new, more personalized tests or treatments to patients. Oxnard and Gitlitz, co-principal investigators of the Genomics of Young Lung Study GOYL , conducted the first study of lung cancer in adolescents and young adults under the age of They found that about 80 percent of the young lung cancer patients had a driver mutation treatable with available targeted therapies or precision medicine.

Sahu, under the guidance of X. Flaherty, MD, at Massachusetts General Hospital, is working in cutting-edge research of artificial intelligence AI and immuno-oncology. They are among 15 oncologists receiving the award, which recognizes individuals selected by their peers for landmark successes within the global field of oncology. Hodi was chosen in the melanoma and other skin cancers category; Winer was named for achievements in breast cancer.

Cantor is cited for training students and postdoctoral fellows and for his work as the director of NIH-funded postdoctoral training programs in cancer immunology and HIV-related research. Gordon Freeman, PhD , and another scientist, Clive Wood, PhD, were pronounced co-inventors on a series of cancer immunotherapy patents previously issued to a Japanese researcher and Japanese drug company.

The U. District Court ruled that the patents be corrected to name Freeman and Wood as inventors. Established in , Crombie and Ng are the first recipients of these philanthropic funds, given to seed novel studies in lymphoma. Established in , the award is supported by the Tobias Foundation and recognizes original and promising basic hematology research, as well as direct translational or clinical research related to cell therapy in hematological disorders. The award recognizes an exceptional psychosocial oncology clinician for outstanding contributions to the field.

American Cancer Society Books

The conference focused on the benefits of team-based interdisciplinary oncology, and how treating the whole patient enhances cancer care. The award, which is funded by an endowment courtesy of Martin Wachtel, honors early-career investigators who have performed outstanding work in the field of cancer research. Her essay will also be published in Science Translational Medicine. Knudson Award in Cancer Genetics. Meyerson was honored for his work in advancing the understanding of the genetic basis of lung cancer.

The Alfred G. As a council member, Orkin will help oversee the policies, procedures, funds, and activities of the Academy. He may also consult on a variety of NAM programs and be asked to serve different council-related committees. The award acknowledges the dedication and achievements of cancer drug development researchers. The panel discussion enabled medical students at MBRU to learn about career choices from practicing physicians, get advice on internships, clinical observerships, and research opportunities, and network with panel members.

James M. Boston Magazine has named more than physicians and surgeons affiliated with Dana-Farber to its annual "Top Doctors" guide. The Institute will join the three-year international effort to create a comprehensive reference map for all human cells. The foundation awarded a total of eight grants to promising early-career scientists. The awards fund high-risk, high-reward projects to address unmet needs in cancer risk, prediction, prevention, detection, and treatment.

Founded in by Alex Knaster, The Mark Foundation for Cancer Research is dedicated to accelerating cures for cancer by using a high-impact approach to funding global groundbreaking research. The recognition is for early career researchers, graduate students, or researchers entering their first postdoctoral appointment. The scholars focus on novel projects that answer the most critical research questions in cancer immunotherapy.

The Sojourns Scholar Leadership Program is an initiative led by Cambia Health Foundation that identifies and cultivates the next generation of multidisciplinary palliative care leaders, including nurses, physicians, psychologists, social workers and pharmacists, among others. The fellowship, which runs for three years, will support her research into how nuclear atypia — the presence of abnormal nuclei in cancer cells — disrupts gene activity.

The Helen Hay Whitney Foundation was established in and aims to increase the number of imaginative, well-trained, and dedicated medical scientists. It awards approximately 24 research fellowships annually, for a total of more than 1, since its inception. An international team of investigators led by Wendy Garrett, MD, PhD , and Matthew Meyerson, MD, PhD , has won a Grand Challenge award from Cancer Research UK to tackle the complex issues of how the intestinal microbiome — the mix of helpful and harmful micro-organisms that reside in the colon — influence colorectal cancer development and treatment.

Founded in , the society assists physicians with their oncology practices including: research grants, educational seminars, and access to an extensive resource library. Hulme-Freudenberger has been an infusion nurse at Milford for more than 10 years, and a member of the Integrative Nursing team for the past three years. This information will help identify patients who are at-risk for becoming resistant to their existing cancer therapies and develop new treatment options for them resulting in bench to bedside translational care. Only those scientists with a clear vision and passion for cancer research are selected to receive the prestigious award.

The TAT Honorary Award was established to acknowledge distinguished career drug development experts who have devoted a major part of their careers to the discovery and development of better anticancer medicines. The award is for junior faculty with a strong commitment to an investigative career in ovarian cancer research.

It is one of the highest honors in the health and medicine fields, and Ebert and Meyerson are two of 85 newly elected members. The goal of the Center for Protein Degradation is to interrogate and advance a large portfolio of advanced targeted protein degrader targets while creating a next-generation protein degrader platform. Award recipients are cancer researchers who have been nominated by their institutions, have served as a principal investigator on an NCI grant for the last five years, and have demonstrated outstanding research.

Kim, among 58 other highly distinguished innovative scientists, will receive funding to further his impact on, and address challenges in relation to, biomedical science. Eric P. Winer, MD , has received the Susan G.

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Winer was honored for his seminal contributions in improving breast cancer treatments, which have helped shape the standard of care for breast cancer patients globally. STAT Wunderkinds searches for the most impressive young doctors and researchers in the fields of health and medicine in North America. Pasi A. ESMO is the leading organization for medical oncology education and information committed to offering the best treatment to cancer patients.

ASCO Family of Sites

Parmigiani, among other individuals, has been elevated to this rank because of his efforts toward advancing science applications that are deemed scientifically or socially distinguished. The Allen Distinguished Investigator program funds early stage research that is less likely to receive support from traditional funding sources but has the potential to significantly advance the understanding of biology. David A. Initiated in to honor the late Karl Landsteiner, the distinction is awarded annually by the American Association of Blood Banks AABB to a scientist whose work has profoundly influenced the fields of transfusion medicine and cellular therapies.

Williams was recognized for his work on hematopoietic stem cells and how their interaction with bone marrow can play a role in stem cell engraftment and mobilization. William G. Kaelin Jr. The three researchers were cited for the discovery of the pathway by which cells from humans and most animals sense and adapt to changes in oxygen availability. As the most comprehensive childhood cancer bill ever taken up by Congress, expanded research opportunities may improve efforts to track the disease across populations, and improve the quality of life for pediatric cancer survivors.

Matthew S. The conference is one of the largest gatherings of experts in lymphoma and transplantation. This award acknowledges a clinical investigator whose research shows promise and clinical applicability in the area of lymphoma. The Continuation Grant provides two additional years of support to Damon Runyon Clinical Investigators in need of additional time and funding for their research. Caron A. The inaugural award celebrates the contributions individuals under age 40 make to improve the lives of those affected by cancer.

Lisa R. Each year, the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study supports the work of 50 fellows in the arts, humanities, sciences, and social sciences. Diller will be the Lillian Gollay Knafel Fellow at Radcliffe, and will be studying the clinical impact of genetic information associated with increased cancer risk in children. Stuart H.

This Nemmers Prize is awarded for achievement and work of lasting significance in the field of medical science. The prize recognizes major contributions to new knowledge or the development of significant new modes of analysis. Xiao X. Judy E.

Respected health care professionals were awarded for advancing the field of oncology for their contributions in research and clinical practice. Lillian M. The award supports early career physician-scientists by incentivizing an academic research career with a significant four-year grant for a mentored research project. Ebert is one of 19 new investigators, chosen from eligible applicants, whose selection was recently announced. The new group of investigators is the first to be appointed to a seven-year term — previously it was five years.

ESMO Clinical Practice Guidelines | Early Breast Cancer | ESMO

The award is presented in recognition of a remarkable career of scientific achievement and contributions to the AAI and the field of immunology. Christopher J. Funding from the award will enable him and his colleagues to refine and test SunSmart, a video they produced to prevent skin cancer in young adult survivors of cancer by encouraging proper sun protection. Sharp Innovation in Collaboration Award.

Their project focuses on studies of colorectal cancer patient-derived organoids to validate candidate biomarkers of resistance to natural killer cells. The honorees include:. Leaders are determined through evaluation by the Healthcare Equality Index HEI , an annual survey that measures inclusive policies and practices at more than 2, medical facilities nationwide. Insight is a hub of information and inspiration for cancer patients, their friends and families, and the general public. Rosalind A. The Harold Amos Faculty Diversity Award was established to recognize faculty who have made significant achievements in moving HMS and the Harvard School of Dental Medicine forward in becoming a more diverse and inclusive community.

Patrick Y. Each awardee will have the opportunity to receive two additional years of funding at the same level.

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Myles Brown, MD , and Judy Garber, MD, MPH , have won a grant to investigate a novel strategy aimed at easing the transition to menopause for women having their ovaries removed because they carry a mutated cancer risk gene. Mary E.

American Cancer Society Breast Cancer Screening Guideline Overview

Lisa Scherber, director of Patient and Family Programs, was honored at the 79th annual Boston Baseball Writer's Dinner with The Sports Museum Lifetime Achievement Award — given each year to a civic or business leader connected to baseball who positively impacts the Boston community. Six Dana-Farber scientists are pursuing research funded by the endowed Wong Family Awards in Translational Oncology, which support translational oncology and biotechnology development at the Institute:.

Coleman Lindsley, MD, PhD , who use cutting-edge methods to extract genotyping data from 17, tumor samples generated by the Profile research program. Drawing from a Castle Connolly physician database, the list consists of hundreds of Boston-area physicians from many medical specialties. Commendation was given in five areas: clinical research accrual, oncology nursing care, cancer registrar education, Rapid Quality Reporting System participation, and data submission accuracy.

Tobacco Free Mass, a coalition that has advocated for funding and policies supporting tobacco prevention and cessation for 25 years, recently honored Dana-Farber for its longtime commitment to this mission. Nikhil C. The awards support cutting-edge MDS research and related programs to improve future standards of care and ultimately lead to a cure. Nuccio received the award at the annual meeting of the Massachusetts Society for Respiratory Care.

Heather Parsons, MD, MPH , has been awarded a three-year postdoctoral fellowship to identify, through changes in circulating tumor DNA, causes of treatment resistance in patients with HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer. Her research is supported by a grant from Susan G. Benz Jr. Award for Advancing the Careers of Women Faculty. The award is given to an outstanding individual whose efforts have deeply impacted the childhood cancer community. Sallan was recognized for his work in progressing the treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukemia ALL , the most common form of pediatric cancer.

Institute scientists were among the recipients of the first Xconomy Awards, honoring people who lead innovation in the Boston life sciences community. David Livingston, MD , in collaboration with MIT, was the winner of the Xconomy Big Idea Award was the Bridge Project, which fosters collaboration between cancer researchers from MIT and Harvard-affiliated hospitals and schools in addressing challenging problems in cancer research and care.

The AAMC cited her numerous discoveries that have advanced treatments for several diseases and chronic conditions, including cancer, asthma, and osteoporosis.