Evolution Equations in Scales of Banach Spaces

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At the beginning for the investigation of the posed problem we set the following expression in order to obtain of the a priori estimations. Then using condition iii on g x , By t in 6 one can obtain. Consequently, we get to the Cauchy problem for the inequation. From here follows.

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In order to prove of the solvability theorem we will use the Faedo-Galerkin approach. We will seek out of the approximative solutions y m t , and consequently x m t , in the form. Hence we set. Hence from 9 we get.

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So we have. Indeed, for any m the estimation. Then we obtain the following equation. In order to show these equations are fulfilled we will use the monotonicity of F and the condition iii.

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Consequently, one can consider of the expression. So the following inequation holds. Then one can write.

Consider the following equation. Hence we get: the left side is bounded as far as all added items in the right side are bounded by virtue of the obtained estimations. Therefore, one can pass to limit with respect to m as here y mt is continous with respect to t for any m ; then y mt strongly converges to y t and Ay m weakly converges to Ay in H.

It must be noted the equation. Consequently, the left side converges to the expression of such type, i. It is clear that all conditions of Theorem 2. Here we will use equation 9. For this we need the following equation. Then solving this problem we get.

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In this article, the existence of a very weak solution for differential-operator equations of second order with nonlinear operator in the main part is proved. We would like to note that, in particular, if A is the differential operator this equation becomes a hyperbolic equation. Consequently, one can investigate previously not studied nonlinear hyperbolic equations with the use of results and the approach presented in this article. The following work will be focused on nonlinear hyperbolic equations with the nonlinearity of the same type as studied here.

Moreover, here the long-time behavior of the very weak solution of the problem is proved, and also the dependence of the behavior of the solution from initial datums is shown. Bressan A. Cao D. Nonlinear dynamics of elastic rods using the Cosserat theory: Modelling and simulation. Solids Struct. Herty M. Coupling conditions for a class of second-order models for traffic flow. SIAM J. Evans L. Levine H. Lions J-L. Quelques methodes de resolution des problemes aux limites non lineaires , Paris : Dunod, , xx, p. Soltanov K.

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  • Periodicity and ergodicity for abstract evolution equations with critical nonlinearities.

Some nonlinear equations of the nonstable filtration type and embedding theorems. Nonlinear Analysis: T. Zeidler E.

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Bennett C. Some applications of nonlinearanalysis to di erential equations , ELM, Baku, , p. We would like to note that this equation shows the stability of the energy of the considered system in this case. Export Citation. User Account Log in Register Help. Search Close Advanced Search Help. My Content 1 Recently viewed 1 On nonlinear evolution Show Summary Details.

Nonlinear Evolution Equations in Scales of Banach Spaces and Applications to PDEs

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1stclass-ltd.com/wp-content/kegunaan/2391-handy-orten.php This book is concerned with basic results on Cauchy problems associated with nonlinear monotone operators in Banach spaces with applications to partial differential equations of evolutive type. This is a monograph about the most significant results obtained in this area in last decades but is also written as a graduate textbook on modern methods in partial differential equations with main emphasis on applications to fundamental mathematical models of mathematical physics, fluid dynamics and mechanics.

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